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Everything is still beautiful here in St. Andrews. Raisin Sunday was a blast and my picture from the foam fight made it into the New York Times (see below). So these are all thing things I had to get for my academic parents 1. A single egg 2. A stolen item from my mom's house (candy) 3. An article of clothing from a stranger 4. A beach related item 5. A picture of a fish (any two pictures of the same species of fish is not acceptable) 6. I have to play a game of rock, paper, scissors with a stranger 7. Corn flakes and 8. Courage, honor, and family spirit. Raisin was such a fun experience. Fortunately, I didn't have to get up that early. Some of my friends had to get up before 5 o'clock. We had to meet my academic mom at 10:59 am at the end of the pier and she told us to bring a towel so I thought we were going to have to jump into the water - I wasn't feeling good so there was no way I was doing that, but anyway our mom taped us together and we had to walk the length of the bridge (Me, Douglas, Christine, and Sabrina) - it was difficult but so much fun. Then we were on the beach and we had to jump in paper bags. However, it started to rain and it was a little miserable.

I feel bad for the tourists visiting because they must have thought St. Andrews was such a strange place with all the different costumes that they saw. We were dressed up as the seven dwarves, and since I had been sick previously, I was named "Sneezy." On Raisin Monday the entire town watched as the strangely dressed students went in for one of St. Andrew's biggest traditions, the foam fight. What a wonderful time.

Halloween was also lots of fun. I was "Where's Waldo" or, as the British say "Where's Wally." Every day, I still notice little differences in speech. My radio show is well underway and you can listen to my previous shows here: https://soundcloud.com/peter-myer

We are currently in the process of moving the studio to the top floor of the Union which is going to have a wonderful view of Market Street, but that is why I haven't had an interview in a few weeks. Most likely, we will be set and rolling at the beginning of next semester (as of right now, the Radio station is not "on air")

Some of my friends and I went to Glasgow last weekend to tour the city and watch "Interstellar" at the largest IMAX in Scotland (60" x 80" feet). It was a lot of fun, but I prefer St. Andrews to Glasgow. One of the wonderful things, that I still can't get over, is the fact that anyone can get anywhere in Scotland in basically three hours.

I also volunteered with Teddy Bear Hospital - it is mostly the medical students at St. Andrews, but I got involved. They go out into the community and teach kids at local schools about the importance of different health related issues. They focus a lot on education. So we each had a system or a station and I was assigned cleaning hands... Of course... (if you know my mom, you know I know how to wash my hands). I showed the students how to properly wash their hands. Then, I showed them the pictures of the "bad" germs. Next, the students put on this special cream that glows when they put their hands in the special box and I shine my light on their hands. All the "glowing" dots are germs, so they could essentially see their germs. After that, they washed their hands the way I showed them and then reinspected their hands. And alas, their hands were much cleaner afterwards. The shoebox below was the special box.

Also, my Symphony Orchestra concert was wonderful. We played Dvorak and Rachmaninov. Here is the link to our Youtube channel if you care to listen (Unfortunately, they had to take the Rach video down for licensing reasons, but I will be able to get my hands on it shortly): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaXp9FIn9SQrdaaDRaK8XPg

There was a very nice ceremony on Veteran's Day for all of the War Veteran's from WWI and WWII. There was an official military and candlelight service with bagpipes at the Pier.

I have the St. Andrews Fife and Community Orchestra Christmas Concert in about a week so I am looking forward to that.

I also went to the Nobel Ball, put on by the Scandinavian Society which was loads of fun.

I have been working hard lately and having a wonderful time. Today marks the beginning of Week 11. My, oh my has time flown by. The next thing I know I am going to be home again.

Some fellow American friends and myself have planned a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We will see how that turns out.

These next couple of weeks will include lots of festivities, lights, and of course studying. I hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful week!



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Peter -- great fun following your journeys. Lovely visit to the lake house for Thanksgiving. Keep us posted!! God Bless - Aunt Pat

by Patricia Cavey

Go Peter Go!!! Wow, what a fun treat to read all about your adventures at Saint Andrews. Thank you for including so many wonderful photos. I can't wait to come see you and see some of these amazing sights! I am so happy for you and I know you will continue to enjoy yourself! Stay well and know that you are much loved! Take care, Aunt Gina

by Gina Ownby

Love all of it! Keep the photos coming!

by Debby

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