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Good afternoon everybody :)

I hope you are all doing well. Right off the bat, one of the things I want to say is that there are so many people here who have a wonderful intellectual curiosity - it's contagious and I love it. Week 3 started with more craziness. On Monday I went to my lectures and enjoyed a "Wine and Cheese" event with distinguished faculty members - it was very nice. I also started volunteering with an organization called the "Teddy Bear Hospital" which is a charity with which I will participate. Basically, I will spend some time going out into the community hospitals and teaching children about medicine and what one does at the doctor with a Teddy Bear as the surrogate patient. Tuesday is my crazy day. I went to two lectures. My English lecture on Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" was fantastic. I then had my IR tutorial. I started my Jazz piano lessons with Richard Michael, who is famous for his Jazz abilities all over the UK. The work and deadlines are really starting to get on everybody's mind. Wednesday we had the first "sinners" night, which is once a month when all the sports dress up in their respective sports attire and go out. So I went to my Orchestra rehearsals in my sailing attire and then proceeded to hang out with them.

The Dunhill golfing competition was here and I managed to see Bill Murray (although I didn't get a picture) and Rory Mcllroy. Overall, my classes are going well. There is very much an independent mind set, but I am finding my place accordingly. Friday I spent all day at the library working on IR and I did my econ problems. It was raining for the first time since I have been here... everyone says "welcome to Scotland."

We had the Kate Kennedy Opening Ball on October 4th. That was so much fun. Everyone was dressed up and it was such a fantastic time. There were fireworks because of the Dunhill competition as well. On Sunday I worked most of the day and went sailing. The town club sails every Sunday until the end of the October, and then they close up until late March/Early April. I had dinner with my academic family and then got ready for the week.

Week 4 started very rainy.... it truly is starting to feel like Scotland. This week was extremely busy. I managed to see a movie during this week at the little theatre - it reminded me of phantom of the opera theatre. Unfortunately Wednesday and Thursday I was sick and had to get antibiotics.... never fun stuff. But I was also elected the first year representative for the Hispanic Society and I am on the committee for the Surgical Society. I really am going to keep my Spanish up while I'm here as much as possible.

On Wednesday I conducted my first interview for my radio show! The description is as follows. The show is called "At A Glance" with Peter Myer. The purpose of the show is to gather a glance into people’s lives – from all over the world – from ‘up and comings’ to seasoned (and sometimes famous) veterans. I want this show to be a talk show where I interview people of various categories (Politics, Music, Sports, Medical, Religious, Ecology) and share it with the people at St Andrews and the world. My first interview was with a good friend of mine back home. His name is AB and he is in Benjamin's grade (11th grade). We talked about his music career and I played some of his songs. It was a lot of fun and if you care to listen to it, I record all of my shows and put them on a podcast. Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/peter-myer

That category was Music and my next category will be education with Mr. Terry Tucker.

I turned 19 on the 10th of October. Unlike 18, where I truly felt as if I had aged significantly for the first time in my life, 19 hasn't felt that much different than 18. I decided to treat myself on my birthday and I slept in and after I did a little work, I played golf with a friend. It was wonderful and I had a few presents from friends and family - it is amazing that even though I am still across an ocean that my family and friends still make it feel special. I shared a cake with my friends and it couldn't have been a better birthday.

That Friday and that weekend I packed up and went to Galloway Activity Center which is all the way across Scotland (four hours by bus) which is Loch Ken in Castle Douglas, Scotland. It's amazing that you can get anywhere in Scotland in basically four hours.

On Saturday and Sunday we all went sailing all day. It was meant to be a sailing trip for beginners or for more experienced sailers to sail around. There wasn't a ton of wind but it was beautiful and I still had a wonderful time. The water is unfortunately getting very cold...

Sunday was even more beautiful than Saturday as there wasn't fog in the morning like there was the previous day when we went sailing.

Monday of week 5 I turned in my first essay and it felt incredible - like the world was lifted off my back... momentarily anyway.. until I start the next essay.

Once every two weeks, we have hall sports in which we compete against other freshman halls among the university... we went to play basketball on Tuesday and let's just say we can only do better now....

Hopefully, some friends and I will be going to the Berlin Christmas Markets in December. Wednesday, I went to a talk in Edinburgh about the counter-culture climbing movement in Yosemite National Park in California in the 1970s with the Mountaineering group.

Anyway, the work is really piling up and this weekend I have been working in anticipation for Raisin weekend. This is one of the traditions at St. Andrews. We are called upon by our academic mother and father on Sunday to bring them interesting objects (including but not limited to an egg, cornflakes, some beach article, an article of clothing from a stranger, and others). We will spend all day with them tomorrow and then Monday, or Raisin Monday is the foam fight - this is famous - at 11 am on Monday the University will gather in Lower College Lawn for the biggest foam fight - the pictures are iconic... and oh yeah... our acadademic mom's get to dress us up in a costume - I've simply been instructed to wear purple at this point... that's all i know..

Until next time,

P.S. I did make the yachting team :)



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Love hearing about your truly remarkable freshman adventures. Congrats on making the yachting club, turning 19, having your own radio show, paying attn to the academics, seeing my favorite golfer (Rory), and being the best-lookin' guy at the ball. I wrote a book called "It's Check-Up Time, Elmo" for kids who are unfamiliar with doctor appts. If it would help at the hospital, I could send you some copies. I used to be a candy-striper in pediatrics years ago. Love the sound of the teddy bear group.

by Peggy Shaw

Oh cousin! I love hearing about your time in Scotland! You are so thoughtful to keep us all informed with your very busy schedule! Happy (late) birthday! Please know that we are all thinking of you and praying for you to keep having a fantastic time! Love to you!

by Cyndra Whiddon

Hi Pete!!! LOVE hearing about what you are doing!!! It sounds like you never sleep...makes me tired keeping up with what you are doing! So proud of you...have fun...study...and know that we love you! Katie & Uncle Buz

by Favorite Aunt Katie

Loved the Spanish cheese tutorial -- Wisconsin things will arrive for Christmastime.
Much love,
Aunt Pat

by Patricia Cavey

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