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Round 3, Here We Go

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Hey everyone,

I’m here in Toronto, sleep deprived, but excited nonetheless until my plane leaves for St. Andrews where I’ll start my third year (yikes). It’s been a fantastic summer. In fact, I don’t think it could have been better.

My terrapin turtle research on Hunting Island was a success. It was hot, sweaty, hard work, but we gathered some substantial data that will contribute toward a soon-to-be published paper! If you’d like the specifics on that research, see here - (http://ccsummerresearch.blogs.wm.edu/author/petermyer/). I was fortunate enough to get to play piano at First Presbyterian Church in Beaufort. I received a very positive reaction, especially since I don’t think the congregation was accustomed to the type of blues performance I gave.

I was home for about a weekend, and I don’t know why this particular return home felt like this, but for some reason all these memories from high school returned in a flush (all good). It’s just weird to revisit those old feelings of tracing my way to school, or passing by old landmarks after time’s gone by. Speaking of time, it frightens me slightly to think that I’m a junior in college. Where's the time going? And how do I slow it down? I’ve always cherished where I’ve been, and anticipated where I’m going with great enthusiasm … and at the same time, I want to live in everything that is going on right here and now to the fullest. I don’t want to miss anything, because these are supposed to be the best years of my life.

This time going to Scotland is different. So will my return to William and Mary be different. There isn’t the anxiety of making new friends in an entirely new place anymore. I’ve now gone to Scotland, and I’ll be living in a house (flat, whatever you want call it), with four of my closest friends from my freshman dorm. I’m very excited for this. It will be the first time I’ll be cooking for myself, in our own place, and that excites me. I’m excited to finalize my classes, I’m excited to see how people have changed (or not), I’m excited to travel, and I’m excited to embrace everything that this year will bring. We have to write the equivalent of a senior thesis or senior capstone project and I think I’m going to write mine on something that has to do with the thawing renewed relationship between the US and Cuba after 50 years of silence. Anyway, I was turning over in my head what I’d like to accomplish this year, perhaps in terms of goals, and I haven’t formed concrete answers to that yet, but I have a start:

Friendships: There are few opportunities, I’m slowly becoming more and more aware, when you’ll have this much free time to simply get to know your friends; spend time with them, have good times, laugh etc. It would be too easy to kind of waft through life, going to class, and running through the motions. It takes conscious, deliberate, and consistent effort to find meaning in those relationships in a way that can turn them into life-long friends. And I’d like to do that … an ambitious feat I know.

Music and Writing: In this past year, I’ve caught the fire. Writing poems, and banging on that piano have given me so much joy, provided so much clarity when life gets busy and stressful, and has continued to be a source of inspiration for me. I try and play piano in a way that comes from the heart, and write exactly what I feel because my God, on that rare occasion that it happens, there’s nothing that comes close to touching that feeling. It’s about pushing myself in every way I can to become the best I can. With that, I really believe some great stuff can come out of it. What? I’m not so sure yet.

Travel: Ah yes, the most beautiful activity in the world. I already have plans for camping around Scotland, and visiting friends’ relatives houses on the weekends. I’m going to try and travel as much (and as cheaply) as I can this year. Who knows when I’ll be back, and I’m going to get my mileage out of this year.

Re-emphasis on Pushing Myself: Whether it be my radio show, academics, or anything else for that matter, I find I’m most happy when I’m doing the most, accomplishing the best, and pushing through the tiredness that sometimes sets in. I try and give myself every reason to be my own best self, in the hope that I’ll be able to look back on this year and say, “I did my best, and you can’t ask for much more than that.”

I’d also like to learn how to cook.

So there are some very broad goals that I’ve just kind of thought through. Again, I know they aren’t very concrete, but I feel like the days will make them more clear.

Benjamin started his first day as a Wofford Terrier yesterday, Jack has started his Teaching Assistant Position at GA State as part of his masters program, Patrick’s now in 7th grade, as bright as ever, and mom and dad are doing all they can to keep our crazy ship afloat.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll check back in soon.

Love always,


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You are an excellent writer and I always enjoy reading your blog (and pics). Those are quality goals and pursuing them will, no doubt, result in a wonderful year for you.
All the best,
Uncle Buz

by Uncle Buz

Thanks Pete! Have a wonderful school year and keep those dreams alive!! It is so neat to see what you are thinking and doing and we wish you the best everyday. We know you will take full advantage of what life sends your way!Keep in touch..we love it! Love you more! Aunt Katie and Uncle Buz:)

by Aunt Katie

Thanks for including me in the updates. Have a wonderful year in Scotland!

by Wendy Best

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